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Games night! Coup - Dirk's Blog Thing
Games night! Coup
So we've had another Game Night yesterday, me and three friends. We played several rounds of Coup. Now, in german we have this wordly wisdom "Ehrlich währt am längsten" which basically suggests that honesty pays off in the long run. Now let me tell you this is the wrong strategy for Coup. The game is about bluffing, counterbluffing and potentially calling your opponents on their bluffs. It's a lot of fun, very stressful (in my opinion) and I'm terrible at it. We played four rounds and I actually won one of them too, mostly because my final opponent made a rare mistake in claiming that he had an assassin when all of them were already uncovered.
Anyway, I love this game, as I do Resistance (which is about trying to sabotage a team while trying to stay undercover). 

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