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Games night! Race for the Galaxy - Dirk's Blog Thing
Games night! Race for the Galaxy
Another game we played is Race for the Galaxy. This game has been available to us for more than a year, and we played it for the second time yesterday. We need to meet more often for games.
Anyway, Race for the Galaxy is a card game in which you try to get the most victory points my settling and developing better and more efficiently than your opponents. There's really no direct interaction between players, everyone's doing their own thing.
Since we haven't played very often, none us knows all the cards in the game and what they do, so it's a bit trial and error for all of us. I got second in our game yesterday, in part because I got lucky with my card draws. I was up to 7 military strength and then towards the end got two military worlds that cost 6 and 7 respectively and had huge amounts of victory points.
Now the first few times I played this I was rather overwhelmed by all the symbols. There are plenty of basic ones that are described on your played sheet but you still have to keep all of them in mind in order to play right. There's also plenty of more uncommon symbols that are explicitly explained on the card they occur on. Another aspect that makes it more difficult to get into the game is that your hand cards are those developments and settlements you play, but at the same time they are your currency to pay for playing them. So you might think that all three cards in your hand are useful to you, but you will be able to play but one of them and use the other two as payment.
Anyway, I feel this is a game that we need to play a lot more often in order to get a more fluid game running and get more experienced in what all the cards do and how they synergise. 

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