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Games night! Dead of Winter - Dirk's Blog Thing
Games night! Dead of Winter
I guess that was a bit of a personal highlight for me in yesterday's Game Night. Dead of Winter is one of those games that comes with a lot of goals and variants to play. You either select a common goal from 20? 30? available ones, each lists an estimate of how long it'll take to play (we always take a lot longer though - our "short" game took like three of four hours). Each common goal also has an easy and hard mode for even more variation.
The idea of the game is each player controls 2 characters (can change to more / less during the game) in a winter world overrun by zombies. Each character has unique abilities, and some are better than others in fighting zombies or finding usefull stuff. You cooperatively try and organise a small colony of survivers, dealing with frequent crisis and trying to reach the common goal. To make matters worse, every player also has a secret personal goal, some of which can be traitorous. So you have to cooperate while not entirely trusting each other.
Yesterday's game was quite nasty - our common goal was to collect 2*num(players) medicine (so 8 in our case). We had 6 rounds to do that. One of the early crisis also required to collect medicine so we couldn't contribute at all to the common goal. We also needed medicine so that our characters wouldn't die (the morale sinks every time soneone dies, once it reaches 0 the game is lost - and it started at 5). To make matters even worse, after the game was over it turned out that two players' personal goals also required medicine. For my own goal I had to collect 3, another player 1. Despite all of that, we *almost* made it. Pretty much the very last dice roll in the game killed us in the end. Our morale was at one, and one location had one survivor, 3 sound markers, and 2 free slots for zombies. Now, the sound markers were neccessary in order to find the final medicine we needed. Each sound marker means a 50% chance of a zombie coming up to the location, and if all three triggered a zombie the location would be overrun and the local survivor killed, which meant reducing the morale to 0 and losing. And of course all three dice rolls for that location did trigger a zombie. If one of them hadn't we would've one the game. So. Very. Close.

I want to play more games!

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